Handmade. Leather cover. Elastic band with original thread sewn on in the surgeon's stitch. Edition of 3 unique pieces. 36 pages. Dimensions: approx. 23 x 23 cm. Sewn binding.

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These high banks by the sea are unspectacular and not particularly remarkable, which make me think of self-harm. A piece of coast breaks off after every storm. The ground plunges into the water, exposes tree roots and spits out stones. When nature destroys itself with full force, open wounds appear in the landscape.

Self-injurious behavior in humans leaves scars that fade over time but remain forever. The signs on the surface of the skin are reminiscent of injuries to the soul.

Statistically, every fifth teenager is injured, regardless of their origin and skin color. Beating, cutting, burning, burning, poisoning, and vomiting - all of these methods are designed to help you escape an unbearable situation, relieve emotional pain, relieve excessive tension, punish yourself, or to feel his body again. Some of the teenagers are considering suicide.

Out of ignorance and ignorance, people with auto-aggressive behavior are often shown contempt and exclusion. Scars are hidden to be accepted as friends and co-workers without being condemned and rejected in the first place.

For people who are already "clean" or want to stop self-harm, going public is an important milestone in a normal life. This step is painful and the consequences are uncertain. We deserve respect and thanks for their courage, which paves the way for other people affected.

The open wounds in the landscape close and new life begins.

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