Fairy tale time on Rügen

For the Ernst Moritz Arndt Museum in Garz on Rügen, I designed an exhibition on fairy tales by E. M. Arndt. I wish my pictures would inspire reading. Not the visual mood alone should affect the viewer, but the picture should lead to a fairy tale. Captions such as »sheer secrecy illuminated by the sun«, »sweet dreams of the underdogs« or »where the devil sows his weeds« are quotes that pose riddles. What fairy tales do they appear in? A bridge to the dissolution is provided by a bookmark to the exhibition catalog, which reveals the associated fairy tale title like a common thread. To find the context for the quote, one has to read the fairy tale.

ACTIVATING PHOTOGRAPHY is what I call my approach of creating photos that inspire action.

land of dark groves
jokes of darkness
corpse singing
on the glass mountain
giant stone
milk source
when the nightingales sing
with the beautiful sea queen